Quality Assurance: Ensuring Authentic Coluracetam

Coluracetam, also known as MKC-231, is a new racetam compound that has been shown to enhance cognitive function and boost motivation. It works by increasing high affinity choline uptake, allowing it to be converted into the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. It has also been shown to improve AMPA potentiation. This product is sold for research purposes only, not for human consumption or therapeutic use.


Nootropics are a class of chemicals that activate cognitive functions like memory and learning. They also help improve mood and reduce anxiety. Many of these chemicals are naturally occurring, but some are synthetic. The term “nootropic” is derived from the Greek words noos meaning thinking and tropein, to guide or direct [1].

Coluracetam (BCI-540; formerly MKC-231) is a nootropic in the racetam family and works by enhancing high affinity choline uptake. This is a process that draws choline into the neuron to be synthesised into acetylcholine, a key brain chemical involved in memory recall and learning.

Studies show that Buy coluracetam Europe can boost long-term memory, word-recall and mental alertness. It can also improve mood, alleviate depression and anxiety, relieve schizophrenia symptoms by balancing hippocampal acetylcholine levels and enhance eyesight by boosting AMPA potentiation. It is highly effective when combined with choline sources such as Alpha GPC or CDP Choline. (See Choline Uptake Enhancer). Unlike some racetams, it is fat-soluble and less prone to degradation in the liver.

Anxiety & Depression Treatment

Coluracetam is a powerful nootropic that improves long-term memory, reduces depression and anxiety, and enhances color and sound. It is a fat-soluble compound in the racetam family of drugs and has been shown to preserve choline uptake into neurons, thus improving memory function.

Like other nootropics in the racetam family, it boosts choline conversion to acetylcholine. It also acts as an ampakine, enhancing alertness and attention span without the typical stimulant side effects. It may also act as an inhibitor of AMPA receptors, causing it to have anxiolytic properties and improving mood.

Like all nootropics, buy coluracetamcan cause tolerance with prolonged use. It is best to start with a low dose and work your way up to the desired effect. It is non-toxic, but some people experience fatigue, headaches or nausea after taking large doses. Those experiencing these side-effects are most likely starting with too high of a dose. Coluracetam has a fast onset and peaks in the blood within 30 minutes.

Memory & Learning Enhancement

Coluracetam is a new nootropic that targets the brain’s choline uptake process, increasing acetylcholine (ACh) levels and cognitive enhancement. It works similarly to other racetams like piracetam and aniracetam, but is more effective at improving memory and focus.

It has also been shown to increase long-term potentiation, the process by which memories are formed and stored (4). Additionally, it has been found to protect NMDA receptors from glutamate toxicity, which makes it an excellent supplement for people with anxiety or depression.

Furthermore, this nootropic can help improve your vision by enhancing color vision, intensifying contrast, and making lights brighter. It is even able to stimulate the growth of nerves in people with glaucoma (5). It can also relieve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome by regulating the CHT 1 molecule (6). Most people who take coluracetam stack it with CDP-choline and/or Alpha-GPC to maximize its effects. This is because coluracetam is fat-soluble and needs a carrier to be absorbed.